I’m sad.

And I don’t really have anyone to talk to about it.

I know a lot of people on here who still follow me are close friends. And it’s nothing specific I need to have a conversation about. Just generally. I’m drunk and sad and need an outlet to say it to.

So hello again Tumblr. Don’t expect me to be around for very long. But I needed to vent somewhere.

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1. Me with a steel, life-sized Companion Cube.
2. Me with the gorgeous and talented Caitlin as Chocolina, who I spent most of con with and is officially my new bestie. Love that chick.
3. (left) Goblin King cosplayer. Awesome dude and responded to “David”
4. (right) Me with starfires-alien-implants who I’ve known since high school and love the shit out of.
5. (left) Me with steampunker Gabby. Again, sweet as fuck and totally awesome. Wish I’d gotten to know her better.
6. (right) Me with a cardboard cutout of David Tennant. He’s even wearing the Armani in the photo!
7. Awesome Miguel and Tulio cosplayers - I’m sure they’re on Tumblr but I didn’t get Tumblr info from them.
8. (Left) Archer cosplay group!
9. (middle) The most incredible Cpt. Jack Sparrow cosplayer I’ve ever seen.
10. (right) Me in front of a screen used TARDIS. It was built in the mid-80’s and was used in a few McCoy stories as well as in the 1993 “Dimensions in Time” charity special. The inside is signed by a myriad of Who people. Very cool prop.


Hey friends,

I apologize for not being on here much. I got really sick of the drama. The people and the posts and everything was just toxic and I needed to get away from it.

I went to Fanime again this year and will post a few photos from that but I mean… I think I’m phasing Tumblr out of my life for good. It’s just time to move on. I can’t with the SJW and too many of my exes are on here. Exes are fine, but these are the exes who still hate my guts, so it’s a triggering environment. Couple that with everybody telling me that I’m a racist, sexist, homophobic asshole because I’m a white male and prefer boobies and it’s just not worth it.

I love you guys but don’t expect me much on here anymore.

A little update, my current girlfriend and I are currently living together and will be moving to LA in a few weeks so that I can actually have a chance at an acting career - I’ve signed with an agent and am currently working towards being SAG, so things are moving forward. Maybe you’ll see me on TV. But I’m sort of bidding adieu to the Tumblr environment.

Love you guys.


Academy Award Winner - Lupita Nyong’o
"My mother instilled in me that you don’t apologise for being a woman. There’s no apology in my femininity."
Watch Oscar acceptance speech…

Lupita Nyong’o kicks so much ass


Academy Award WinnerLupita Nyong’o

"My mother instilled in me that you don’t apologise for being a woman. There’s no apology in my femininity."

Watch Oscar acceptance speech…

Lupita Nyong’o kicks so much ass

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Hey followers

You may have noticed that I’ve been entirely absent from Tumblr for a while. Basically I got really sick of the dumb faux social justice bullshit and how I couldn’t go on Tumblr and actually enjoy myself anymore, so I literally just stopped going on. But I may slowly return myself.

It’ll probably be largely due to going through and unfollowing a bunch of people. Idk how I’ll decide who to unfollow or not but please don’t be offended if I unfollow you - hell, I may not anyways, but just in case. 

Carry on everybody.








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My hair went a little crazy yesterday

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